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Le jeu modernisé de K2Evasion appelé : Attrape-bâton. Anciennement, il s'appelait la prise

Stick catcher

“Three faculties are said to be essential to the development of mentality: observation, concentration and action.”

Grabbing a stick or catching a stick is already an old game that has been modernized by K2Evasion. This game is old and definitely a lot of fun. Your ability to concentrate, your vision and your reflexes will be put to the test.

The catch-the-sticks game is for young and old alike! In the bar above each player there are 12 electromagnets to which sticks or objects that must be caught are attached. They are deactivated by means of a control box and the player must catch the stick or object before it hits the ground.

Thanks to its double bar of 12 electromagnets, the K2Evasion operator will be able to ensure the simultaneous passage of 2 people at a time. No cheating will be possible because the remote control will deactivate the same electromagnets on each bar. We cannot therefore say that we favored one player to the detriment of the other.

These bars are supplied with electricity via a mains socket. You can hang any desired object on the electromagnets.

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