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Photo booth rental “Party” formula

This rental includes:

  • Selfie terminal rental

  • Maximum rental duration 12 hours

  • Four personalized layouts in 10-15cm or 5-15cm format

  • Sharing shots by Email - Facebook - Twitter (wifi required)

  • Provision of photos of your event

  • 400 prints in 10-15cm or 800 prints in 5-15cm (Please note, the 5-15cm format is printed in 2 copies each time) during the rental of the Selfie terminal

  • Preparation and development of the Selfie terminal for your event

This rental does not include:

  • The “Chroma Key” background (green background)

  • Rental of a costume box with glasses, hats, wigs.

  • “Booth props” photos (accessories for taking unique photos)

Cabine photomaton de K2Evasion. Pour faire des photos encore plus sympa dans un espace discret.

Photo booth

Inflatable cabin with or without curtain allowing a discreet space for even cooler and crazier photos!

Fond vert ou fond Chroma Key pour une incruster n'importe quel décor à vos photos.

Green background or Chroma Key

For an inlay of a background or decor of your choice!

K2Evasion met à votre disposition différents fonds pour embellir vos photos


Different backgrounds are available for your photos...

Photo booth props pour la borne Selfie de K2Evasion

Photos “booth props”

Essential accessories for out-of-the-ordinary “Fun” photos!

Coffre à déguisements pour la Selfie Box de K2Evasion

Costume chest

Box with glasses, hats, wigs, cap, ...

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