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Interactive cones or IPS cones (Interactive Play System)

“When you want to make an impression and offer an exceptional activity, nothing better than this new and unique concept of the latest generation interactive game!”

Want something new? Are you looking for a game that is different from the ordinary, an original game that will attract players of all ages? Test our wireless interactive cone game!


The IPS (Interactive Play System) concept is based on a unique combination of lights, sounds and games. Interactive targets are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard to play captivating matches between different players.


The K2Evasion IPS kit consists of 20 interactive cones, 20 targets, and a score board that fit into a carrying case.


Very practical, you simply have to install the targets on the cones, this animation has several possible game combinations, several difficulty levels, several game possibilities and infinite exercises. The IPS cones are mobile, easy to install and store thanks to the wireless interactive targets.


This unique version with plots or cones allows you to allocate the playing space of your choice depending on the location and to present the game in the form of a modular course as desired (distance, obstacles, etc.).


The classic game of “Zap a Mole” also known as “tape mole” has been reinvented by Interactive Play Systems (IPS)! In fact, instead of a mole rising, a lamp lights up on the interactive pad or cone. So, try to hit the glowing targets as often as possible, collect as many points as possible and beat your opponent! You play this game 1v1 or alone.


These games are suitable for a wide audience (children and adults) and individual or team matches are possible.


All you have to do is make your choice!


Count on hours of play for everyone! Enough to make your event unforgettable for all your guests!

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