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Brazilian scale or infernal scale

“Come challenge your friends, be the first to hit the buzzer.

The infernal scale will give you a hard time !!!

Fun and settling of scores guaranteed !!! ”

K2Evasion's Brazilian ladder, also called the infernal ladder, is a great classic of funfair! The goal is to climb to the top of this ladder which is completely unstable and which pivots on itself. The first who presses the buzzer at the top to win !!!

This animation is a sport structure that K2Evasion can put in all styles of events.


The Brazilian ladder is an activity for children but also for adults. It is totally suitable for children's birthdays but also for events for adults in which you want to set the mood such as for business seminars (Team building), village celebrations, bachelor party or young girl's life. , leisure center, ...

Floor space of the wall: 4m wide by 3.50m deep and 3.50m high.

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