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Advertising tarpaulin on the K2Evasion stick catcher

Bâche de gauche des partenaires de l'attrape-bâtons de K2Evasion
Bâche de droite des partenaires de la prise des bâtons de K2Evasion

They chose K2Evasion to advertise in an original way throughout Belgium thanks to its modernized stick catcher. This attraction is unique!

Publicité du cabinet de kinésithérapie de Benoit Lepage de Thiméon pour l'attrape-bâton de

Benoît LEPAGE works with his colleagues on treatments in traumatic, post-operative, orthopedic, respiratory physiotherapy (children and adults) and revalidation.

Publicité du centre d'Esthétique Douce Alchimie de Gosselies pour le jeu la prise des bâto

Douce Alchimie, natural aesthetics in Gosselies. They offer sugar hair removal, threading hair removal, electrolysis, laser hair removal, manicure, pedicure, beauty and well-being treatments, ...

  • Insta Douce Alchimie pour K2Evasion
  • Facebook Douce Alchimie de K2Evasion
Publicité du centre d'esthétique pour voiture Cocoon Car de Nivelles pour l'attrape-bâton

Cocoon Car SPRL is a mobile car detailing center based in Nivelles.

This mobile company specializes in the reconditioning of used vehicles as well as the long-term protection of vehicle bodies for individuals and dealers.

This young and dynamic company has existed since 2000. The boss and his passionate team will come to your home. All vans are equipped with professional equipment to best meet your needs.

  • Tiktok de Cocoon Car, centre d'esthétique pour voiture
  • Instagram du centre d'esthétique pour voiture Cocoon Car de Nivelles
  • Youtube de Cocoon car pour K2Evasion
  • Facebook de cocoon car à Nivelles
Publicité de la société immobilière Delfimmo de Pont-à-Celles pour le jeu la prise des bât

The Delfimmo real estate agency offers you an innovative concept.

The creation of a real estate agency with reduced commission comes from our experience in the field. Indeed, after spending several years within large real estate groups, our thinking seems obvious to us.
Since the creation and rapid evolution of the internet, our way of communicating and our way of offering real estate for sale has changed. Gone are the days when enthusiasts looked for new goods available for sale in the regional press. The information and photos present in this type of media are often very limited. In addition, paper advertisements represent a high advertising budget for traditional real estate agencies.

The secret of our agency commission reduced to 1% is simple. We rely on a modern marketing approach and an optimal presence on the internet.

In addition to our physical storefront, we have an internet storefront available 24 hours a day, worldwide.

  • Facebook Delfimmo par K2Evasion
Publicité du magasin de peinture Le Grossiste de Luttre pour l'attrape-bâton de K2Evasion

Your painting and renovation specialist for your home

Le Grossiste has been the specialist in hardware, painting and home renovation for professional and private customers for over 16 years, focused on quality products with free personalized advice and services.

  • Facebook Le grossiste pour K2Evasion
Publicité pour le lavoir Automatix de Luttre pour le jeu la prise des bâtons de K2Evasion

The Automatix wash house is located in Luttre. This establishment has a large car park and is the only automatic wash house in the region to have a machine and a dryer specially designed for animal blankets (cats, dogs, horses, etc.).

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