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Le photo mosaïc wall de K2Evasion

The Mosaic Photo Wall
or Photo Mosaic Wall

“ Brighten up your evening by taking a trip back to childhood with entertainment that will entertain guests!
Want to add color to your evenings with fun, participatory and modern entertainment?
Do you want to make your event unforgettable?
Offer your guests the opportunity to be an integral part of your event?
Are you looking for collaborative and artistic photo animation?
The Photo Mosaic Wall is THE solution! ”

The Photo Mosaic Wall animation allows you to create your logo or the visual of your choice, with all the photos taken during an event. This mosaic animation is a cooperative workshop consisting of recreating an image, from dozens of photos.

The K2Evasion Photo Mosaic Wall is an excellent way to work on team spirit and corporate culture during an evening with colleagues, for example. This entertaining team building in physical or digital version combines art, puzzle games and mosaics, to offer your employees a real feeling of accomplishment.

K2Evasion will invite you and your participants to create a “real work of art” thanks to your photos taken in real time, which, thanks to an exclusive and cutting-edge algorithm, will construct breathtaking digital and physical mosaics .

Participants will have a common objective: to create together an artistic work representing a visual chosen for your event. A collective and collaborative photo production as a common theme of your event that you can keep as a souvenir in your premises.

With the Photo Mosaïc Wall activity, each participant literally becomes an essential part of a common work.

How does the Photo Mosaic activity work?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is a rather special animation in that it can be available in two options:

  • The first is to involve your guests in a physical mosaic where they will have to handle photos.

  • The second and most modern is to opt for a digital photo wall.

If you consider the first option, participants will be invited to paste their photos on the mosaic wall designed for this purpose. On each sticker photo, there will be a code and the participant will simply have to respect it so that the expected result is amazing.

The principle is simple:

Step 1 - Take a photo

There are multiple photo feed sources for the mosaic. Participants take photos of themselves with their smartphones, using a photo booth, Twitter hashtag, Instagram, an on-site photographer…

Step 2 - Print your photo

The photo is printed live.

Step 3 - Paste your photo

Participants paste the photo on a predefined location.

Step 4 - Gaze at the Photo Mosaic Wall

All the photos form a final mosaic which represents an illustration defined in advance by you (your logo for example).

Step 5 - Display the Photo Mosaic Wall at home!

You retain ownership of the final visual after the event.

In the case of the digital option, all your photos will be automatically integrated into a digital image. This image can be displayed on a large television screen, projected on a canvas, a wall, etc.

To ensure that the final result is impactful, the photos of your event or seminar are collected and sent to special software.

To include everything in the final project, a powerful algorithm then takes care of:

  • The selection ;

  • Analysis;

  • The preparation ;

  • And editing photos.

Result ? You are entitled to a gigantic mosaic which can bear the image of your brand as you wish. Or it can be a reconstruction of an image that reflects your values or a simple larger photo.

At first, participants will have no idea what they are trying to create. The effect becomes striking as the work completes, resulting in a moment rich in emotion for all your teammates.


Is the Photo Mosaic Wall activity right for you?


If you want to work on the spirit of belonging, this activity is one of the best that K2Evasion can offer you.

In fact, the photos of each person are found in a larger set that represents your brand. This is a great way to show them interest and remind them that without them, your brand cannot develop.

This feeling will be even stronger because at the end of the evening, participants will have the opportunity to have a small representation of the mosaic as a souvenir.

In digital format, this work can allow you to have more visibility thanks to social networks. Obviously, everyone who has their photo featured in your pretty mosaic will want to show it to their loved ones.

Advantages of the Photo Mosaic Wall?

  • Strengthen team cohesion, team spirit, internal solidarity.

At the end of this animation you will have created a physical mosaic or a digital mosaic. This work will be the fruit of everyone's contribution and shows the importance of team cohesion, team spirit and solidarity in carrying out any task.

  • Build loyalty and unite teams.

Finding competent and loyal people is a problem in any structure. To somewhat remedy this problem and retain their loyalty, it is necessary from time to time to organize fun activities such as the Photo Mosaïc Wall or the digital wall “Ze-Wall”.

  • Have a good time together and share a fun activity.

The objective of this event is to allow guests to have a good time together. Participants will carry out an activity in a fun and relaxed way that will help to strengthen harmony and team cohesion.

No fear of not finishing your mosaic before the end of your event, if you run out of photos, our software will calculate in real time and regenerate photos in order to complete your visual.


You are convinced and want the Photo Mosaïc Wall face to be part of your next event; All you have to do is contact K2Evasion for a unique service.​

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