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Thank you for your availability and your kindness towards the children.

Estelle M., Youth in Brussels ASBL 2023

A great activity that my son enjoyed too. And thank you for your kindness and kindness. 😊

For my son it was a good time. Even though he had never climbed, he was afraid. Your team was able to put him at ease and reassure him. He overcame his fear of heights and that's great. Looking forward 😍, Village Police 2023 in Mouscron

A big thank you to you for this beautiful day, both from the point of view of the weather and the success that the sports activities had. Delighted to have collaborated again together on this event, it is really a pure pleasure!

Amandine D., Prosport Event 2023

Thank you for your presence and the quality of the animation. This day was a great success and it is in particular thanks to you! So far we have had only positive feedback.

Antoine VS, Odoo 2023

We would like to thank you warmly for your participation in the "Family Day". Your investment and your professionalism have contributed to the great success of this activity.

Kim D'H. P. 2023

Thank you very much for your collaboration and your responsiveness, the children loved it! It was great !


Roxane P. , Esneux 2023


Incore  thank you for everything! The activity was impressive and the visitors were conquered 😊. Thank you for your dedication, your motivation and the joy transmitted to the visitors during this incredible weekend!

Rémi L. and Séverine P.from EASYFAIRS, Made in Asia 2022

With Vincent and his team, we have the assurance of a service that is always professional, serious, and with a smile as a bonus! After several years of collaboration, it is always with great satisfaction and pleasure that we find K2Evasion on our events :)

SOLIDARIS Mutuality, Ronquières Festival 2022

It is a real pleasure to work with you and your team.

Thank you again for the professionalism and kindness that you bring us each year.

SOLIDARIS, Ronquières Festival 2022

Thank you again for your always warm welcome!

Ronquières Festival 2022, Frédéric R. dad of Elise

We are really delighted with how this day went and in terms of climbing, the wall was very big, the lines weren't too long, you managed the crowd well, really great!

Amandine D., Prosport Event 2022

My colleague was impressed by your patience and your zen attitude!

Etterbeek sports market, Caroline H.

I wanted to thank you for Saturday, we had an unforgettable day! 

I only have positive feedback and you were involved.

Christine N. 2022

At K2Evasion, we don't just rent the equipment, we rent a service and the assurance that the terminal will work during our event. Moreover, you can choose the format and personalize your message. No hassle for installation either, K2Evasion installs thematerial  and the parameter. I recommend. Service at the top!

Delphine C. 2022

Thanks to K2Evasion for making important moments remembered ☺️

Laurence G. 2022

Many thanks to you and your team for this successful edition of the Ronquières Festival. Thank you also for your tenacity so that the animation of the climbing wall is not canceled by the organizers.


I fully agree with the comment above.

I would add that it is thanks to your professionalism, your know-how and your encouragement that Lola was able to reach the top and touch the flag.


Thanks again.

SOLIDARIS, Ronquières Festival 2021

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism Elise would not miss these moments at every festival

Ronquières Festival 2021, Frédéric R. dad of Elise

We didn't have the happiest summer weather-wise, but I think the public really enjoyed it!

ASBL City Center Management OLLN

Thank you Vincent for your kindness. We are very satisfied with your service.


Really, I thank you for your beautiful understanding, for your patience, your professionalism! The young people of the city are very happy with your good services and your beautiful humanity. You have brought happiness to the City, thank you very much!!! 😊

Laeken Model City, Hassna Project Manager

The police village was indeed a real success and the feedback on your climbing wall was very positive.

We keep your contact details 😊

po arealice of MouscRon

A big thank you for the beautiful memories that will remain etched in Kylian's heart. Great team, great advice and great with kids. What happiness! Thank you for the fun.


Ronquières Festival 2019, Marylène D. mother of Kylian

It is also a pleasure for us to work with you and your team. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

SOLIDARIS, Ronquières festival 2019

A great team. Thank you again for the great moments and for giving our Kylian a taste for climbing.


Ronquières Festival 2019, Vincent M. father of Kylian

It was a pleasure for us to work with you. Pleasure widely shared by all the students you have climbed.

Thank you for your work !

Thank you for your good mood!

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

I will be sure to highly recommend your services!

European School of Brussels III

You did it really well, no one was full of praise for your performance! 😊

Model city in Laeken

It was very pleasant to work together. 

To the point events (Hasselt)

We were happy with your work and will think about you again for future events.

Youth service of the municipal administration of Etterbeek

A big thank you to you for welcoming us and for preparing your equipment before our arrival.

Leaving RTL-TVI for the program "Everything is explained"

We all appreciated the professionalism and enthusiasm with which you handled the climbing wall.

Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21 Service (Municipality of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre)

Thank you for your services, it was once again a success!


Thank you for your quality services and always in a good mood.

SOLIDARIS, Ronquières festival 2018

Thank you for your professionalism and your activity.

ELIA, Family-Party 2018

The “Open Sports” day was a real success, thanks to your involvement. By making your dedication, your expertise and your dynamism available to the “Sport et Délassement” association, we have together been able to offer an exceptional range of sports activities.

The ASBL “Sport and Relaxation” of Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont

Your team were great to work with and the wall was enjoyed by many. Many thanks.

It was a pleasure to work with your team and the wall was fun for many. A big thank-you.

DHL Euro Cup 2015

I get very positive feedback. Thank you for your professionalism and sympathy.

Shopping Cora-Messancy

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