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V-MAXX professional sports radar

“Measuring speed can transform normal practice into exceptional and special competition. Pleasure of the participants and laughter guaranteed! ”

K2Evasion's V-MAXX Professional Sports Radar measures the speed of almost anything that moves. It's a breeze to control the speed of any moving objects thanks to its advanced technology. Aim, measure, read and voila!

The K2Evasion V-MAXX sports radar is practical and easy to use. It allows you to calculate speeds quickly.

This latest generation professional sports radar reliably indicates your performance when shooting (ball sports) or racing (athletics, skating, rollerblading, etc.). The display is clearly visible and easily readable.

The advantage is that only one person is needed for this animation. This professional sports radar is a major asset during sporting and other events.

Principle of operation:

The V-MAXX is equipped with Doppler radar. When turned on, it emits waves of 24.150 GHz (wavelength) that strike the moving object. The device calculates the distance using the time difference of the returned and reflected waves and can thus quickly know the speed of the object. Conveniently, the emitted waves can penetrate different materials thanks to their high frequency. This also makes it possible to measure through nets.

How to measure your speed or the speed of an object?

To measure your speed or the speed of an object, position the V-MAXX radar so that you or the subject is advancing towards it and voila.

Note that :

  • People (eg a goalkeeper) or an object between V-MAXX and the detection area may interfere with the measurement (better accuracy in an opening angle of 80 degrees in front of the V-MAXX).

  • When measuring bullet velocity, you should always place the radar in a protected area (eg behind the targeted net).

Product Features :

  • Dimensions (WXHXD): 235 x 120 x 70 mm

  • Weight: 500 g (without batteries)

  • Highly visible indication

  • Measuring range: up to 199 km / h

  • Detection: 80 ° vertically, 30 ° horizontal up to about 5 meters

  • Measurement accuracy: + - 1.5 km / h (-10 ° C - + 50 ° C)

  • Frequency: 24, 150 GHz

  • Batteries: 4 x LR14 or mains

  • Rental with tripod

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