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Airball table
The inflatable flying ball table

“A game that defies gravity is always awesome!
Agility and speed are the key words to succeed in making your levitating balls cross from one side to the other of the Airball table also called flying ball table."

Are you interested in renting a completely incredible inflatable game with a lot of challenge but also appealing to the skill of its users?


This superb K2Evasion game is very original and will promise you a lot of fun.

Both magical and challenging, this superb flying ball table, also called Airball table, will amaze adults and children alike. Indeed, this little original table covered with many small cones has something to please. Thanks to the pressure contained in the structure, air escapes through the top of these small cones and if you place a ball in this air current it will be stable and will levitate. The goal is to make all of these little balls travel across the table without touching the balls with your hands.

Yellow, blue and red in color, this K2Evasion inflatable game is ideal for any type of event that you organize, whether in your company, in your school, for a birthday, etc. At the end of the table is little basketball hoops into which you will have to knock all these little plastic balls. This inflatable game is rented ready to use and you don't need to worry about anything else! Guaranteed success!

K2Evasion rents quality equipment that meets all current standards.

Dimensions: 4.5 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.3 high.

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