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Changing tires on your inflatable Formula 1

“In Formula 1, the victory of a Grand Prix,
championship victory comes down to a few hundredths of a second which can be gained or lost when changing wheels at the pit stop.
Which makes stopping at the paddock more crucial than ever.”

You are a super mechanic or not and you have always been super impressed by the speed of the mechanics in the Formula 1 grand prix teams to change the tires of these superb cars, then this superb game is made for you!

You will have before your eyes a beautiful Ferrari-style Formula 1 sponsored by your entertainment partner "K2Evasion". This brand new inflatable Formula 1 has four wheels which are detachable using 4 nuts. At the start, you will have to unscrew these nuts, remove the wheel, complete the defined route and come back to reassemble it. The first competitor to complete the challenge will win the event.


This game is extremely well designed and also allows you to play as a team to see which team is the most efficient.


Speed and dexterity will be the key to your success.

With its beautiful bright red and black colors, this game is ideal for any type of event that you organize whether you are private or professional, looking for a unique and original idea, you can take advantage of the rental of this sublime Formula 1 inflatable.


Dimensions: 3.5 m long x 1.1 m wide x 0.75 high.

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