Advertising tarpaulin for laser rifle biathlon shooting

Bâche publicitaire du tir à la carabine
Le tir de biathlon avec les carabines la

To advertise in an original way throughout Belgium, they chose K2Evasion and its biathlon shooting activity with its laser rifles.

Les carabines lasers No risk de K2Evasion sont sponsorisée par l'agence Belfius de Luttre
Agence Belfius de Luttre, Belfius porte du Brabant est partenaire des carabines lasers de K2Evasion.

Open an account and receive a credit card, carry out your banking transactions online, find the most appropriate rate for your situation to acquire an apartment or build your house and insure them without risks, find the best financing for your new car with insurance adapted, launching your business project or making an interesting investment ... so many services that the "BELFIUS Banque et Assurances de Luttre" team provides for your well-being and your satisfaction.

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Les carabines lasers Kiwi Précision sont sponsorisée par AQ8 Bodyfast électro-stimulation de Nivelles et par Manu Decot.
AQ8electrostimulation Nivelles pour les carabines lasers de biathlon de K2Evasion, votre partenaire en divertissements


EMS muscle stimulation technology has proven itself: it is the fastest, safest and most effective way to achieve a harmonious and healthy body in record time.

In just 20 minutes per session, we intensely and deeply activate up to 350 muscles at a time, which is similar to 3 hours of conventional training.

Our center is located in Nivelles and our contact number is 0477 / 949.929

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L'American Bar de Nivelles et ses Donut's et Hamburgers Homemade
American Bar Nivelles pour K2Evasion avec ses donut's et hamburgers homemade

Want to taste donuts, cookies, pancakes, typical American pastries or even special "homemade" burgers in a "seventies" decor?

So there is only one address, the American Bar located on the Grand Place de Nivelles!

Birthdays, baby-showers, weddings or other events, whether private or professional, the American Bar can help you create unforgettable memories!

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Les carabines lasers kiwi précision de K2Evasion sponsorisées par Cocoon Car Nivelles (Benoît Dossche)
Cocoon Car, centre d'Esthétique pour voiture situé à nivelles est partenaires des carabines lasers de K2Evasion. Les carabines lasers sont de la marque "Kiwi précision".

Cocoon Car SPRL is a mobile detailing center for cars based in Nivelles.

This mobile company specializes in the reconditioning of second-hand vehicles as well as in the long-term protection of bodies of private vehicles and dealers.

This young and dynamic company has existed since 2000. The boss and his team of enthusiasts come to your place. All vans are equipped with professional equipment to best meet your needs.

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Les carabines lasers de K2Evasion sponsorisée par Guillaume Delferrière de Delfimmo.
Angence Delfimmo de Pont-à-Celles soutient K2Evasion et ses carabines lasers de Kiwi précision.

The Delfimmo real estate agency offers you an innovative concept.

The creation of a real estate agency with reduced commission comes from our experience in the field. Indeed, after having spent several years within large real estate groups, our thinking seems obvious to us.
Since the creation and rapid development of the internet, our way of communicating and our way of offering real estate for sale has changed. Gone are the days when amateurs looked for new properties available for sale in the regional press. The information and photos in this type of media are often very limited. In addition, print ads represent a high advertising budget for traditional real estate agencies.
The secret of our agency commission reduced to 1% is simple. We rely on a modern marketing approach and an optimal presence on the internet.

In addition to our physical storefront, we have an internet storefront available 24 hours a day, around the world.

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Douce Alchimie et Douce Alchimie Studio Pulates sonsorisents les carabines lasers Kiwiprécision de K2Evasion.
Douce Alchimie Pilates studio Gosselies soutient K2Evasion et ses carabines de Biathon lasers.

Certified and practicing in Studio Pilates since 2012, the creation of this studio allowed to combine the physical and the deep emotional. Indeed, the Peak Pilates method integrates the body, breathing and movement thanks to the "Contrology" which founds it. "Douce Alchimie - Pilates studio" strives to promote the understanding and interconnection of all these aspects in your personal training and well-being.

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Le tir de biathlon laser de K2Evasion est sponsorisée par la quincaillerie Le Grossiste de Luttre
Peinture et quincaillerie Le Grossiste à Luttre est partenaire des carabines laser No Risk de biathlon de K2Evasion.

Your specialist in painting and renovating your home

Le Grossiste has been the hardware, painting and home renovation specialist for professional and private customers for over 16 years, focused on quality products with free personalized advice and services.

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La carabine laser de K2Evasion est sponsorisée par la librairie Archibald & Co de Jodoigne. C'est une carabine Kiwiprécision.
Logo Clashgraphic Luttre pour K2Evasion

The studio that supports you in the creation, development and production of your identity and visual communication.

Listening, open-mindedness, expertise and responsiveness guarantee the realization of your projects in the best conditions.

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