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When you want to make an impression and offer an exceptional activity, nothing better than to call onK2Evasion. The activities ofK2Evasioncreate laughter, work on cooperation, relax the most stressed and allow young and old alike to have fun.

It is exactly for this reason thatK2Evasionoffers you for rentits mobile climbing wall on a trailersuper fun that will delight young and old alike, its brazilian scalealso known asinfernal ladderhis stick catcheralso calledstick grip, its digital wall which is an innovative, friendly and fun concept, its interactive cones(IPS: Interactive Play System), its awesome shooting range forlaser rifles (biathlon shooting), its sensationalsports radar, ofits inflatable Formula 1, its fantasticairball table,his Soft Bungee, its original inflatable structures (theMexico, thejungle) studied by “child fatiguers”, its hot machines intended for the Horeca (cotton candy machine(for delicious "cotton candy"),popcorn machine  (for succulent Pop-Corn) and its waffle makerprofessional (for excellent Liège waffles), itscold machine(for thirst-quenching "granita" and refreshing "Italian ice cream") and its sublimeselfie terminalalso calledphoto terminal (Photo booth).

These attractions are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you are a private individual and want to organize a family celebration, a birthday, a wedding, or whether you are a professional looking for a unique and original idea for your company day,K2Evasionoffers you an ideal solution to amuse and occupy children and adults.


Beyond its activities,K2Evasionoffers you the advantage of a “100% hassle-free” solution with professional support and quality service.

  • Our activities are delivered clean and in impeccable condition.

  • The quality of the structures is fully guaranteed (they are all AIB Vinçotte approved!).

  • K2Evasiontakes care of the assembly and dismantling and if necessary the supervision, and this at the times agreed in the rental contract.

  • K2Evasionprovides quality supervision by qualified and certified personnel.


In conclusion : K2Evasiontakes care of the delivery, installation and animation, all you have to do is enjoy it and have fun!

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