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La machine pour le froid de K2Evasion, la GT touch 2 de la marque SPM

Cold machine

“Summer, sun, good humor, all that’s missing is an Italian ice cream or a granita for the day to be perfect and summer happiness is guaranteed.”

The K2Evasion cold machine allows you to make delicious Italian-style ice creams, also called Soft-Ice, but also super granitas or even “frozen yogurts”. Thanks to its two separate bins, you can offer two flavors or two different products.

Italian ice cream is a delicacy that is eaten especially in summer when the heat begins to become heavy and people's only desire is to cool off while having fun. Italian ice cream is not Italian as many people might believe. In fact, Italian ice cream was created in the United States under the name Soft-Ice in the 1940s. The main characteristic of Italian ice cream is its smoothness and airy texture which make tasting even more pleasant.


Granita comes in the form of a sorbet made from finely crushed ice and is festive and refreshing.

This K2Evasion cold machine will liven up your birthday ceremonies, your student evenings, your cocktail dinners, your school parties... So many moments where this machine will be synonymous with delight and pleasure!

Discover our ice cream machine. The K2Evasion cold machine is ideal for cooling your customers or guests during hot weather.

A machine that plugs into a normal household outlet, a revolutionary new machine for the preparation of soft ice cream that can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition, extremely compact, easy to use and accessible to everyone.


His characteristics :


Electronics, design and technology are combined in a single unit.


Your entertainment partner's machine can dispense up to 5 products, thanks to its exclusive interactive touch screen: soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, refrigerated coffee creamer, sorbet or slush. This machine offers maximum flexibility, allowing it to deliver the most appropriate product depending on the time of day, customer type and season.

It is easy to use. With a simple touch on the screen you can select the product to be dispensed, the desired temperature and screw speed in the preparation, maintenance and dispensing stages can be pre-programmed for each product.


This K2Evasion cold machine has 2 2x5 liter insulated bowls (with technology: I-TANK™: it minimizes the influence of the outside temperature, increases the cooling power of the machine, saving energy and money. The I-Tank bowl reduces condensation on the external side of the bowl, thus improving the aesthetics of the product.).


The machine allows each bowl to operate independently, allowing delivery of multiple products, giving you greater flexibility in your menu offerings.


It is the most flexible model in the range and is a simple and reliable unit. It is designed to work with water or a milk-based product.

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