Advertising billboard on mobile climbing wall on trailer

Le panneau publicitaire 2019 de K2Evasion qui sera placé sur la tour mobile d'escalade. Les sponsors sont: Le grossiste à Luttre, le salon d'Esthétique "Douce Alchimie" à Gosselie, Toiture Willems Denis, l'agence immobilière Delfimmo de Pont-à-Celles, la librairie Archibald&Co à Jodoigne, le coffeur "Barber Shop" de Nivelles et le lavoir Automatix de Luttre.
Nos sponsors K2Evasion Le Grossiste, Douce Alchimie, toiture Willems, Delfimmo, Archibald&Co, Vehem, Franci's Barber Shop et le lavoir Automatix de Luttre

To advertise throughout Belgium, for many years they have chosen K2Evasion and its mobile climbing tower on trailer.

Le mur d'escalade mobile de K2Evasion soutenu par la quincaillerie Le Grossiste à Luttre
Logo de la quincaillerie Le grossiste à Luttre soutien K2Evasion

Your specialist in painting and renovating your home

Le Grossiste has been the hardware, painting and home renovation specialist for professional and private customers for over 16 years, focused on quality products with free personalized advice and services.

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Votre centre d'Esthétique Douce Alchimie sponsorise la Tour d'escalade mobile sur remorque appelé également mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque de K2Evasion.
Douce Alchimie est heureuse de sponsorisé le mur d'escalade mobile de la société K2Evasion

La Douce Alchimie, natural quality care for a better result and with quality products.

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La tour mobile d'escalade sur remorque est sponsorisée par les toitures Willems
Toiture Willems sera présente à partir de la saison 2019 sur le mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque de K2Evasion

A dynamic and active roofing company in Hainaut and Walloon Brabant.

Toiture Willems - based in the Pont-à-Celles region. Made up of a team of professional zinc roofers and a boss on site, the company is specialized in all types of roofing interventions. From roofing to waterproofing your roof, to the construction or renovation of your framework, including insulation or even the cladding of your facade, call on them for a quick and free estimate and a detailed study of your project. . They will help you with your ideas, they will guide you and will do everything to meet your expectations but also your budget.

Le mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque est sponsorisé par m'agence immobilière Delfimmo
Delfimmo est le nouveau partenaire de K2Evasion. C'est une agence immobilière à 1% de commission.

The Delfimmo real estate agency offers you an innovative concept.

The creation of a real estate agency with reduced commission comes from our experience in the field. Indeed, after having spent several years within large real estate groups, our thinking seems obvious to us.

Since the creation and rapid development of the internet, our way of communicating and our way of offering real estate for sale has changed. Gone are the days when amateurs looked for new properties available for sale in the regional press. The information and photos in this type of media are often very limited. In addition, print advertising represents a high advertising budget for traditional real estate agencies.

The secret of our agency commission reduced to 1% is simple. We rely on a modern marketing approach and an optimal presence on the internet.

In addition to our physical storefront, we have an internet storefront available 24 hours a day, around the world.

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K2Evasion et son mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque avec Archibald & Co situé à Jodoigne
La librairie Archibald & Co est partenaire de K2Evasion depuis des années.

The Archibald & Co bookstore specializes in comics, manga, figurines and comics in Jodoigne.

Purchase & sale of new and used comics.

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K2Evasion et sa tour d'Escalade mobile sur remorque appelé aussi mur d'escalale mobile sur remorque avec Vehrm production
La société Vehem est partenaire de K2Evasion depuis sa création.

Are you self-employed or a business owner?

Are you facing an overload of work?

We have the solution !

Le mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque et Franci's Barber shop de Nivelles
Franci's Barber Shop Nivelles fait confiance à K2Evasion depuis ses débuts

Francis Barber Shop offers various make-up tips such as the transformation of the cut, the maintenance of the beard and the care of the hair. All in a modern setting and atmosphere.

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La tour mobile d'escalade sur remorque ou mur d'escalade mobile sur remorque avec le lavoir automatix situé à Luttre
Depuis son lancement, le lavoir automatix est partenaire de K2Evasion et de son mur d'escalade mobile

The Automatix washhouse is located in Luttre. This establishment has a large car park and is the only automatic laundry in the region to have a machine and a dryer specially designed for blankets for animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.).