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References for the services provided by K2Evasion.

Since 2004, K2Evasion has done its utmost to meet your requirements.

They have already trusted us:

The company DHL International, the sports hall of La Louvière, the committee of the festival of the Brigands of Nalinnes center, the CPAS of Mons, the Brandbrewey company in London, the Christian Mutuality of Anderlues, the Christian Mutuality of Brabant Wallon, SOLIDARIS, the company Netsite, the municipal administration of Pont-à-Celles, the municipal administration of Chièvre, Yellows EVENTS, the general construction company BPC, the Notre-Dame de Celle school in Pont-à-Celles, the municipal administration of Estinnes, the municipal administration of Colfontaine, 3 Swiss International, the municipal administration of Hensies, Nivelles shops, the ASBL "Fête au Clocher" of Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher, Partenamut Mons, the School for Social Promotion of Pont-à-Celles, the Cora Rocourt shopping center, the Chapelle-Lez-herlaimont sports complex, the Rebecq social cohesion plan, the non-profit organization Allo Candy, the company Team Ose, the Grands Prés shopping center in Mons, the ASBL Wolu Animations, Louvain-La-Plage (Louvain La Neuve), the local police of La Louvière, the company Altiplay, the association of merchants from Chapellois, the ASBL Accesport (Mons), Charleroi Socialist Mutual Fund,  l'ASBL Carnival de Tournai for Tournai Les Bains, the ASBL Extranullus (Hornu), the St François d'Obaix school, Nivelles entreprises, the Ronquieres Festival, the ASBL Chantecler (Mons), the association of self-employed workers in Jodoigne, the Cora Messancy shopping center, Saint Jacques district of Nivelles, the Elia company, the municipal administration of Esneux, Féér'Ittre, the socialist Mutuality of Mons-Borinage, the municipal administration of Nivelles, the Esneux-Tilff sports complex (CSET), Vivasport SPRL, Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21 Department of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, non-profit association cited as Laeken model, youth service of the municipality of Etterbeek, the event company "To the point events" from Hasselt, the primary municipal school of Jamioulx, the primary school of Providence in Champion, the municipal administration of Berloz, the company Fun Quad - Toofun in France, Brussels Major Events ASBL for Hello Summer, ASBL Charleroi CentreVille, G-Boom in Grez-Doiceau, Mouscron police area, ORGANIK EVENEMENT from Marseille (France), Badje ASBL, Dhamèer of Young ASBL, Arthur Grumiaux municipal school in Rêves, town of Genappe, Jacques Brel municipal school in Wayaux, Boitsfort Rugby Club, Les Centers Sportifs d'Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve (CSLI), union of initiative of Sambreville, municipal administration of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre,Cocoon car (Mobile beauty center for cars), AMO Oxyjeune ASBL, municipal administration of Frameries, municipal administration of Anderlecht, sports department of the municipality of Etterbeek, the boarding school of the French community of Tamines (IACF Tamines), SA Cora NV, the municipal school of Thiméon, School Center of the Ladies of Mary in Saint-Joss-Ten-Noode, prevention service of the municipality of Uccle, PROSPORT Brussels ASBL Prosport Event, ASBL City Center Management OLLN, Creasport Paradise ASBL, ASBL Heppignies panama, city of Mons, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre Youth Service, ASBL Symbiose de Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, the municipal administration of Honnelles, the service of social workers of street in the municipality of Schaerbeek, the company Easyfairs for the Made In Asia & Heroes Comic Con in Brussels, the Red Falcons of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Youth in Brussels ASBL, Ecoline & Caracole ASBL, company Eloy de Sprimont, Estaim'sportif in Estaimpuis, ASBL Formidable de Marcinelle, the municipal school of Bois Renaud in Pont-à-Celles, BeauBelge-Events BV, the Nhow hotel in Brussels,the Institute of Our Lady of Fleurus, Wine Estates of the Five (, the municipal administration of Schaerbeek, Royal La Louviere Hockey Club, the company ODOO S.A., the municipal administration of Bons Villers, the municipal administration of Andenne, commune of Beauvechain, B2C Events ( ASBL/VZW), ASBL Bravvo VZW...

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