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Un jeu interactif captivant, Ze-Wall de K2Evasion

Digital wall, interactive wall or “Ze-Wall”

“ Do you want to organize a fun event and create a buzz?

Do you want to surprise the participants of your event with a digital, interactive and original animation?

So, are you ready to challenge the wall? ”

Are you looking for an innovative, fun, unusual, sporting activity to strengthen the bond between participants or you want to innovate and offer your colleagues a new way of getting to know each other, working together, etc.

Discover the K2Evasion interactive digital wall also called “Ze-Wall”.

Today, nothing can replace new technology. With its innovative, dynamic and bright design, this game will capture the attention of players and they will leave enchanted and more united than ever thanks to this original, interactive and memorable animation!

The digital wall or the interactive animation of K2Evasion has been designed for children but also for adults during your team building events, for example.

“Ze-Wall” from K2Evasion is an innovative concept, bringing joy and conviviality to your events. You can compete in the form of a battle (one against one) or in teams, full of possible combinations with rankings of the best players or teams throughout the day or your event.

Our event animation instantly creates a bond between players, regardless of their age, status, gender and physical condition. We challenge each other with sports games, reflexes, memory, skill or coordination for a unique event that we will remember. Ensure a successful event or corporate evening.

Make your event happen with sports entertainment that adapts to your participants and your sport!

It is played with the hands or various accessories such as balls, balloons, rackets, etc.

Several variations of the animation are available (Olympic sports: football, tennis, handball, rugby, basketball, golf, padel, fencing, boxing, shooting, archery):

  • The football version: on the same principle as the previous one, this part is played with a football. You can decide the number of light boxes that will disappear once the wall is touched, depending on the level of each person.

  • The tennis version: the same for football with the difference that the game is played with a tennis ball and racket.

  • The golf version: the same for football with the difference that the game is played with a ball and a club.

  • ...

  • The athletics version: the interactive wall will be located at the end of an aisle of length defined by you. Once the lights are on, the start of the race, the first person to finish their sprint and hit the wall will win.

  • The manual version: touch each of the colored buttons with your hands. The person who is the fastest and has the most reflexes to touch as many lit lights as possible will win the duel.

  • The reflex version: during the allotted time, the boxes will quickly light up one by one across the entire board, it's up to you to touch as much light as possible.

Also make your event with preventive entertainment to raise awareness among your participants!


The K2Evasion digital or interactive wall allows the setting up of different workshops:

  • Prevention (alcohol, narcotics, etc.). Test the effects of drugs and alcohol on your reflexes using simulation glasses. strategy games, memory, reflexes, original and revisited board games: Snake, Simon, Mastermind, ...

  • Business security. Doubts about the use of safety tools such as gloves or protective glasses? Discover on the interactive wall of your entertainment partner K2Evasion that this is not a hindrance to performance at work! Workshops to raise awareness about wearing PPE (safety glasses, gloves and shoes). Raising awareness of the impact of a workplace or domestic accident.

  • Sessions (sport/health). Workshops designed by physiotherapists and sports coaches, to carry out short fitness and/or physical activity sessions.

Features of our interactive wall:

  • A very simple wall to assemble requiring only a simple power outlet (Can also run on battery!).

  • The K2Evasion digital or interactive wall can be installed in your home in less than 30 minutes and offers good times and big laughs to your guests and colleagues.

  • A new generation wall with 32 bright LEDs. Dimensions: less than 3m wide with the brandind less than a meter deep.

  • Advantage of this animation: it can be installed indoors or outdoors. So you can enjoy it all year round!

  • Fully customizable, the game sessions are short for increased intensity, a challenge can be set up with the highest score for example or a mini tournament and a final ranking.

  • “Photobooth” mode with taking photos and videos.

  • 2 game modes, including a standalone one without a host.

  • “Challenge and scoring” function.

  • Data Recovery.

Fun event animation, entertainment animation that puts all players on a level playing field.

Possible option for an outdoor activity :

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