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Journée d'entreprise pour la société Tibsovo à l'hôtel Nhow à Bruxelles avec les carabines

Laser rifle biathlon shooting

"It's not easy to accurately describe the sensations that shooting with a rifle provides... That's why we invite you to come and experience them for yourself! Calm and precision will be the key words if you want to be a worthy opponent during a laser rifle biathlon shooting session! So, who will be the best?"

Apprentice Olympic champions, get ready! Introduction to biathlon laser rifle shooting is an original, fun activity that allows you to work on calm, concentration, stress management, strategy and team spirit. This activity offered by K2Evasion will be suitable for both children and adults and will no longer be reserved for great champions.

This game of precision and skill is 100% secure, without danger for the participants because the rifle does not fire any projectiles. This animation does not generate any nuisance, noise or waste and aims to reach the target which lights up when it has been reached, solo or in a duel, standing or lying down.


This activity is ideal for your sporting events, your family celebrations, your company days, your team building, your various parties, etc.


The rental of this game includes two biathlon rifles with laser sights which offer precision equivalent to competitive biathlon rifles, two professional laser biathlon targets as well as a decor.


The advantage of the material:


  • It gives the possibility of using it indoors or outdoors.

  • It has great battery life.

  • A remote control manages the firing point,…

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