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Professional waffle maker

“The only way to obtain a professional product is to work with professional equipment, that’s what K2Evasion offers you!”

Do you know LIEGE WAFFLES?

K2Evasion rents a professional waffle maker which allows you to cook these delicious waffles. With these waffles, you will delight children but also parents who will find in this product a snack always appreciated during festive days. The smell of cooking will appeal to more than one person!

K2Evasion also sells dough pieces with which you will obtain a finished product of regular and professional quality.

The waffle dough is made in an “artisanal” way, with the aim of obtaining a high quality product. The raw materials used in its composition come from suppliers with a European reputation. As for the fats, they are 100% vegetable.

The dough is Halal certified and also meets the HACCP standard (international standard relating to the safety of foodstuffs).

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